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Shyamal Hotwani
Shyamal Hotwani

Son of Rajan Hotwani is an entrepreneur and investor. He founded Hotwani Investments which has become one of the fastest growing portfolio management services in the stock markets. 

Born in Pune, India and raised in Bangalore, India.
At 15, he dropped out from school to enter and learn the world of investments.


Hotwani Investments which is focused on investing in high quality stocks with outstanding company values and fundamentals supported by great branding .

He is also an avid foodie with a knack for different flavour profiles and textures from different cuisines and places.

He is on a mission to increase the financial literacy, the benefits of long term investments and how to save money for a better future among youth. As of today he has many young and bright investors learning under him about risk management and how to use stock markets to generate their primary source of income


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